Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Literary Cross-Bloggination!

Friend and fellow laborer in the writing and blogging vineyards, Russell Huneke, recently wrote a  post over at his blog, Nighthawk Short Fiction, about the idea of writers guest posting on each other's blogs as a way to get more attention for our respective blogs, and more importantly, our writing. I commented that, instead of writing a guest post about writing, why don't we peddle our wares directly? A story swap, so to speak. A brand new story, written specifically for the occasion, to be showcased on each other's blog. This way his readers can get a gander at my stuff, and the people who occasionally stumble across my blog by accident can get a gander at his. He liked the idea, and we're about to do just that. So watch this space (and his blog, linked above) for that creamy literary goodness that's coming soon!    

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