Thursday, October 14, 2010



A body in a barrel,
On a barrio by the bay.
A token from Hoboken,
Who was broken night and day.
A-frighted and a-frazzled,
And a-frayed, flayed, and filleted.
A baby with a bottle,
And a bore in a bidet.

A toady in a tussle,
With a tidy tan toupee.
A tin ear in a tunnel,
Taking time to die today.
A-stupid and a-stunted,
And astounded by the stay. 
A tuna tin torpedo,
And a tutor to betray.

A penny in a pocket,
Which a piper plans to pay,
A pauper with a paper,
And a puzzle to parley.
A crazy ass acrostic,
And a crumpled clump of clay.
A pimply paparazzo,
Pops a top and stops to pray.

              ---Lazlo Azavaar

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