Monday, July 11, 2011

Serious Writery Updates

Other writers have writer blogs. I, on the other hand, can't be bothered. I'm just too damn lazy. I learned my lesson when I tried and failed at various attempts to keep a journal. Everything would start great and with promise, then it would fritter away into nothingness. So this place, an extention of my basic goofyness, will have to do to keep my millions of imaginary fans up to date with whatever crap I'm peddling at the moment.

UPDATE #1: My now finished webserial, Dark Roads, has now been posted on the Pandamian site (broken into three "books" as was always my intention). You can find Book One (the Metromax arc) at Book Two (the Murgent arc) at And Book Three (the final arc) at

UPDATE #2: I also have other books on Pandamian. is a collection of my crappy poetry, and is (or will be) a place for my short fiction (though, right now, I've got only three stories on there, but I hope to do some more soon).

Thank you for your imaginary time and patience. Wack-job out!

Because of the Pandamian site's current non-existence, the above links are, likewise, no longer of this digital earth. Anyone looking for my webnovel Dark Roads, or possibly interested in my short fiction can click the links at the top right sidebar. Anyone interested in my poetry has my sympathy.
 (badum tish!)


  1. i had no clue you had other books! Have you been holding back?

  2. Majixi is a small collection of some old poems I've had laying around since forever (back when I thought I was capable of writing poetry, lol). I posted them just to test the waters at Pandamian.

    Whispere is just a place to post my tortured attempts at writing short fiction.


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